Since I was 4 or 5 years old, I had always gone with my dad to check cows or change irrigation water,   or build fence or help do whatever needed to be taken care of. That's where I believe my love of the ranching lifestyle came from. As you know with the profit margin seeming to get thinner by the year, you have to be in the business because you enjoy it, not because you are ever going to get rich doing it, and we do love it. As a child, my father and I   traveled extensively throughout Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska as well as the Dakotas,  going to shows and sales. In those days my father ran a herd of registered Charolais, much as he does today, so my exposure to cattle was almost exclusively to the big white breed. Although Charolais were his preference, I thought I would go in a different direction should the opportunity ever present itself. .After having a small herd of mostly Charolais through my teen years and  twenties, I took my first steps into raising registered Angus cattle in 2004 when I bought my first 40 cows from the Larson program at Sharon Springs, Kansas. At the  same time my father was diversifying his cattle program by buying 200 registered  Angus cows in an effort to serve his bull customers who needed black bulls to go along with the Chars that they had bought from him and his program. At about that time, I had sold off  my other cattle and was searching for a fresh start. After researching several options, I found my answer in a breed that seemed to be gaining a tighter and tighter foothold on the cattle market as the years went by, Black Angus. Since that time, we have used AI(Artificial Insemination) widely  and Embryo Transplant on a limited basis in an effort to develop a herd of mama cows that produce calves that will make money for our customers, no matter if they sell them at weaning, background the calves themselves, or keep the heifers as replacements